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This is a Scandal and X-Files dedicated blog. We are in no way affiliated to the two show creators or the casts. Although we wish that we were. This blog is dedicated to the masterpieces that these two shows are.

This blog is ran by two people. Admin Sharon aka The Believer and Admin Alexa aka The Skeptic. We are both huge X-Files and Scandal fans and also huge Sculder and Olitz shippers. We believe in these two ships more than Fox Mulder believes in aliens and have a stronger connection with these two ships more than Olivia Pope has with her wine.

We think that both Scully and Mulder, and Olivia and Fitz are meant for one another. We also think that there should be a crossover between these two fandoms one day because they are far too epic. Both David and Gillian should guest star at least once in Scandal for the sake of that crossover. Even if we probably won't get that. We should at least get a movie in which those casts meet.

We are also going to do reviews and write down our opinions about Scandal and X-Files related things on this blog. Sometimes we might even post some predictions about future episodes -- from Scandal, of course since the X-Files isn't running anymore *Sigh.* -- but we will tag them properly before posting. Just in case we guessed right. Please don't hesitate into sending us any sort of questions/messages. We are two friendly people and we love to hear other people's opinions, too.

Welcome to the FBI's most unwanted and welcome to Olivia Pope and Associates.

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What episode is it where Scully answers the door to Skinner and Mulder walks up behind Scully? It is in season 7 I'm almost positive. I know this is very vague, but I've seen it in multiple gif sets as if it implies something romantic had happened. Any help is appreciated.



This is from “Sein und Zeit”. And it is my humble opinion that something romantic had definitely taken place the previous night. (Probably some comfort sex, because Mulder’s mom had just died.) This was season 7, the Season of Secret Sex, after all. Only Scully would make sure she put back on her shoes before answering the door just to keep up appearances that “nothing” had happened. But really people, who stays over someone’s house ALL night (even if you are not having the sex) and doesn’t take off their shoes?! Watch out Scully, you over-corrected.


She like, “Be cool Mulder.”



When you can’t sleep at 2am it’s not a great idea to watch the ending of “Existence” because you will obsess over the fact that Scully names William after Mulder’s dad (can we talk about how meaningful that is?!). And then your heart will melt when she questions their relationship and Mulder is…